“Ten Ways to Improve Your Child’s Reading.” Tip #2 Read Aloud Everyday

“Ten Ways to Improve Your Child’s Reading.”

Tip #2
Read Aloud Everyday

Tip #2 Read Aloud Every day!

This is the second week of our series “Ten Ways to Improve Your Child’s Reading,” this week’s tip is: “Read Aloud Everyday.” Now, I know your days can be busy and you might have a lot going on, but just as you wouldn’t skip dinner time or brushing your teeth you can’t skip reading aloud to your child every day. Reading aloud is an extremely effective tool for improving reading comprehension.

Keep in mind last week’s tip to turn every lesson into a language lesson. Be sure to preview the material and vocabulary you are about to read to your child. This way they will understand what you are reading to them. Explain new terms, figurative speech, and idiomatic expressions. These are the terms or sayings that don’t make sense unless they are explained for example, “you’re pulling my leg.” A child may not understand what that means unless you explain it to them, they might think someone is physically pulling on the other person’s leg.

Once you are done reading to your child discuss what you have read. Have an open dialogue with your child make sure they understand what the passage or story was about.
It is so important to model fluent reading and to show your child what good reading looks and sounds like. The research is clear, reading to your child can have an impact on their ability to recognize to new words and to even be able to take this new vocabulary and incorporate it into their every day life.

Set a goal and try to read an entire novel to them in a month. Choose a book you will both enjoy, not only will you be promoting reading, you will also show your child how important it is to spend time with one another and that they are a priority to you. You will be surprised how good it feels for you too, this is special time to slow down and enjoy what reading can be. Enjoy!