Failure Free Reading is a Non-Phonic, Research Based, Nationally Certified, Reading Program that Deaf Education Professionals recommend

Failure Free Reading's non-phonic, language based solution is the first program to control for: sentence structure, story content, and repetition, as well as: uncommon names, dates, places, pronouns, idioms, and figurative speech.

I have witnessed each of my reading students at Georgia School for the Deaf approach high level reading material with more self-confidence than I have seen in my ten years as a teacher for the deaf.
— Jamie Anderson, ASL/English Specialist

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Why Failure Free Reading Works for Deaf and Hard of hearing Students

  • Teaches critical vocabulary essential for reading success
  • Highly Structured
  • Age-Appropriate
  • Real World Themes
  • Instills Confidence
  • Turns every Reading Lesson into a Vocabulary Lesson
  • Expands Background Knowledge

See What Professionals at the Florida School For the Deaf

Say about Failure Free Reading

Teachers at the Florida School for the Deaf speak about their experiences with Failure Free Reading and why it works so well for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students

Failure Free Reading: Home Edition
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Start your child at their current reading level (as low 0.0) and begin their path to reading success!

Receive the entire FFR Home Edition Online Subcription complete with Online Diagnostic to make sure they are placed at their current reading level. Log in any time from any of your mobile devices for your child's personal online reading program.

The FFR Home Edition Online Monthly Subscription, powered by the Failure Free Reading Methodology, is an online reading program that has been trusted by educators for over 30 years to instantly accelerate their students vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, self esteem, and overall reading success!

  • Lessons are designed to be Fast and Easy-taking typically only 30 minutes each. (Learn at your own speed take as many lessons as you want, the entire program is available with the online subscription K-SAT prep)
  • Kids Playtime Friendly---your child can log in from any of your mobile devices at their (and your) convenience.
  • Teaches Vocabulary.
  • Teaches Fluency.
  • Teaches Comprehension.
  • Available pricing options include:
    • Silver Package - $39.95 charged monthly for unlimited access
    • Gold Package - $99.95 charged once for six months of unlimited access
    • Platinum Package - $149.95 charged once for a full year of unlimited access

Use Failure Free Reading: Home Edition, at home or on the go! Available on your smart devices, computers, and tablets!